The Romani Walk 2014

Anthony Riches, Ben Kane and Russ Whitfield and are walking from Capua to the Forum in Rome in late April 2014, raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières and Combat Stress.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to raise over £18,000 from last year's Hadrian's Wall Walk, and we're hopeful that we can do a similar amout of good this time round. Every £10 donation will, if you tick the Gift Aid box, turn into a £12.15 benefit to our chosen charities.

Please sponsor Tony Riches, Ben Kane and Russ Whitfield

Imperatrix by Russell Whitfield

Rome’s finest legions have been destroyed by the Dacian king, Decebalus and his warchief, the former gladiatrix Sorina. Her amazons so unnerved the cream of Rome armies, it made them easy prey for the fearsome warriors of Dacia.

Their rout of the empire’s armies has thrown the Senate and the People of Rome into a state of panic.

With not enough men to replenish the legions, it falls to the politician Sextus Julius Frontinus to formulate a plan to save Rome’s pride –and perhaps her empire too. He knows – as does Decabalus – that Rome’s resources are stretched to breaking point – one more defeat and uprisings will spread like wildfire and signal the end Rome’s dominion. But Frontinus has long prepared for this day. He will dispatch the ruthless general Tettius Iulianus across the Danubius River with orders to destroy the Dacian hordes.

And to deal with Sorina’s amazons, Frontinus once again calls upon the Spartan, Lysandra. It will fall to her to lead a rag-tag force of former arena fighters, ex-slaves and old men to shore up Rome’s defences, and in doing so she will face her hated enemy for the final time.

Lysandra and Sorina's score will be settled in blood on the fields of Dacia.