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Russell is the author of the novels Gladiatrix and Roma Victrix. The first visceral adventure, set in 1st century Asia Minor, is suggested by the famous Gladiatrix stele found near Halicarnassus in the 19th century.

Roma Victrix takes Lysandra to a new arena where she must face the greatest challenge of her life - a command performance to fight Aesalon Nocturna, the Midnight Falcon, Rome's adored Gladiatrix Prima.


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Arrows of Fury Book Cover

The Empire Series by Anthony Riches

The Empire series by Anthony Riches are amongst the best historical fiction novels I’ve ever read. Riches writes with an effortless style but his works are anything but light-touch. Sumptuously researched, action-packed and containing plot lines that twist, turn and surprise, these novels are a must for any reader of historical fiction. No longer a new voice in the genre, Riches is setting the benchmark in quality for the action-historical.

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